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2008-2009 Graduate Catalog 
2008-2009 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Administration and Management

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History and Philosophy

Graduate programs in Administration and Management at Saint Michael’s College include a thirty-seven to forty-three-credit Master of Science in Administration degree (M.S.A.) and an eighteen-credit post-master’s Certificate of Advanced Management Study (C.A.M.S.). The M.S.A. degree was established in 1979 and currently enrolls approximately 200 students from a variety of backgrounds in private, public, and nonprofit organizations. The C.A.M.S., established in 1985, is designed for students interested in pursuing their education beyond the master’s degree.

Both programs are unique in their blend of traditional approaches that characterize M.B.A. or M.P.A. degrees. The programs enable students to bring together fundamental concerns of both business management and public administration. The integration of the social and management sciences exposes the student to the complex issues of administration and management in the nonprofit, public, and private sectors.

The curriculum is theory-based but course work is complemented by the student’s ongoing work experience, upon which many class projects are based. The student body is diverse, and most students have considerable full-time work experience. This encourages a practical orientation throughout much of the program. Faculty are drawn from various disciplines and work settings. Designed specifically for working professionals, classes are scheduled on evenings and weekends, in intensive summer sessions, and on the internet.


The Saint Michael’s Graduate Programs in Administration seek to fulfill the mission of the College through a concentrated study of the nature, function, societal, and ethical role of organizations. The programs emphasize that administration is both an art and a science. Administrators and managers need a multitude of skills and abilities to be effective. It is the goal of our graduate management programs to prepare students to make sound decisions in business, government, and other service organizations influenced by diverse attitudes, values, philosophies, and environments.

Graduate administration students at Saint Michael’s College are provided an opportunity to develop necessary administrative and management skills through course work and through the activities and assignments in the courses. In the context of class assignments, the students should demonstrate an ability to:

  • Research, write, present, and defend reports on issues in administration and management;
  • Present administrative topics to diverse audiences using effective delivery skills and use of appropriate visual aids;
  • Show proficient application of information technology;
  • Examine the theory and application of various models to support management decision-making;
  • Analyze the structure, leadership style, group processes, and power relationships of given organizations;
  • Select and apply appropriate and workable management techniques to cases or current situations;
  • Understand how external factors, such as the global economy, international politics, sociological, technological, and ecological trends impact an organization;
  • Synthesize the theories and applications learned throughout the student’s experiences in a comprehensive evaluation of a current situation;
  • Use effective interpersonal communication skills;
  • Consider ethical issues in their cultural context; and
  • Understand and appreciate diversity.

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