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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]


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Chair:  Professor Nathaniel Lewis
Professors: Greg Delanty, Maura D’Amore
Associate Professor: Kerry Shea
Assistant Professor: Timothy Lem-Smith 
Instructor: Timothy Mackin

In the English department at Saint Michael’s College, we study literature both as art (the aesthetic representation of human nature and culture) and as artifact (a record of human nature and culture).  Religion, philosophy, history, science, and social science: all have been explored through literature, taught through literature, and shaped through literature. For this reason, the ability to read and interpret literature, hand in hand with the ability to write well, benefits all students, whatever their career goals.

Our department offers courses in British, American, and world literatures, as well as writing and film. The ten courses of the major follow a natural pattern, from an introductory seminar (EN 110) through several survey courses and into Critical Theory (EN 325) and a choice of upper-level courses, culminating with a senior seminar (EN 410). All courses foster critical thinking through writing and discussion. Majors must maintain a high level of written expression and will be expected to learn and use the skills of literary scholarship.

The department also offers two minors: one in literature and the other in creative writing, each requiring five courses. The minor in creative writing allows students to study literature “from the inside out,” as writers of it, but fosters the same critical thinking, writing, and discussion skills as the major and the literature minor.

Students majoring in English may also minor in creative writing; one English Department workshop course may count for both the major and the creative writing minor. 

Our English graduates have used their background for jobs and careers in many fields, especially those where critical thinking and written communication are paramount. They have also have gone on to teach at all levels, and have pursued graduate studies in many areas, including law, environmental science, and music - as well as English. Anyone seeking a solid liberal arts background on which to build a future will find exactly that in the English major.

English Learning Outcomes:

Students will demonstrate college-level critical thinking skills.

Students will demonstrate college-level writing skills.

Students will demonstrate college-level reading skills.       

Students will have specific skills associated with literary and cultural interpretations.            

Students will have a working knowledge of the traditions of the Anglo-American canons.   

Students will demonstrate sophisticated strategies for understanding and interpreting these literary works.  

Students will demonstrate the capacity to think into complex cultural and textual issues and to communicate their ideas about these issues.

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