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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

ED 475 - Student Teaching Internship

This internship provides art, elementary, middle, and secondary students, who are earning an education major/license, the opportunity to design, implement, and evaluate instruction under the direct supervision of a licensed teacher.  This internship is the equivalent of three full courses and is taken concurrently with ED 428.

Credits: 12

Prerequisites/Restrictions: Education Majors Only; Seniors Only; Must successfully pass Praxis I & II; Overall & Education GPA of 3.0; Liberal Arts Major GPA of 3.0; and Departmental approval.

Elementary Pre-reqs: ED-231, ED-251, ED-300, ED-335, ED-339, ED-340, and ED-327.

Secondary Pre-reqs: ED-231, ED-271, ED-343, ED-361, ED-370, and (ED-365 or ED-367 or GED-580).

Art Education Pre-reqs:

  • PK-8: ED-231, ED-251, ED-300, ED-340, (GED-649 or GED-678) and (GED-651 or GED-674). 
  • 5-12: ED-231, ED-271, ED-300, ED-370, (GED-649 or GED-678) and (GED-651 or GED-674). 

Notes: To be taken concurrently with ED 428.