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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

ED 428 - Student Teaching Seminar

This seminar is taken concurrently with the ED 475 Student Teaching Internship. The class examines issues raised through the student teaching experience, supports the construction of the professional portfolio required for Vermont teacher licensure, and bridges the transition from student teacher to professional practitioner. As a community of learners we address the themes of creativity, curiosity, contemplation, collaboration, reflection, and equity through topics such as antiracist teaching, trauma-informed practice, classroom culture, standards-based lesson and unit planning, instructional strategies, and assessment.  We develop skills together to successfully enter the teaching profession and create a professional development trajectory.

Credits: 4

Prerequisites/Restrictions: By Permission of Instructor Only; Education Majors Only. Seniors Only. Must successfully pass Praxis I & II, Overall & Education GPA of 3.0, Liberal Arts Major GPA of 3.0; and Departmental approval.

Elementary Pre-reqs: ED-231, ED-251, ED-300,  ED-327, ED-335, ED-339 and ED-340.

Secondary Pre-reqs: ED-231, ED-271, ED-343, ED-361, ED-370, and (ED-365 or ED-367 or GED-580).

Art Education Pre-reqs:

  • PK-8: ED-231, ED-251, ED-300, ED-340, (GED-649 or GED-678) and (GED-651 or GED-674). 
  • 5-12: ED-231, ED-271, ED-300, ED-370, (GED-649 or GED-678) and (GED-651 or GED-674).

Notes: To be taken concurrently with ED-475.