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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Academic Partnerships & Dual Degree Programs

Consortial & Cross-Registration Programs

Saint Michael’s College is a member of Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) and the Lower Cost Models Consortium (LCMC). The College also maintains limited cross-registration agreements with Champlain College and the University of Vermont  (UVM). In some cases, Saint Michael’s College grants institutional credit for courses taught through CIC and LCMC member institutions, and at Champlain College and UVM. These courses are denoted on the transcript with the following designations in the course title:

Institution Transcript Notation
Champlain College (CC)
Council of Independent Colleges (CIC)
Lower Cost Models Consortium (LCMC)
University of Vermont (UVM)

In some cases, SMC students may be approved to take 3-credit versions of 4-credit SMC courses through our consortial and cross-registration arrangements. In such cases, students’ records will reflect the credit value of the course as defined by the host institution which may be inconsistent with the course credit value as defined in this catalog.

University of Vermont 3+2 Engineering Program

An agreement with the University of Vermont allows students completing three years at Saint Michael’s and two years at UVM to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Saint Michael’s College and a Bachelor of Science degree from UVM in one of a variety of engineering fields. The dual degree ensures that students will graduate with both a strong liberal arts background and the requisite knowledge for a career in an engineering field. Details of the curricular and GPA requirements, as well as the application process, can be obtained from the program advisors, Dr. Greta Pangborn and Dr. Barbara O’Donovan.

Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

An agreement with the Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (ACPHS) assures admission each year to ten qualified Saint Michael’s students who have met certain requirements. Students may complete our Pre-Pharmacy major by taking the required courses at SMC for three years and applying to enter the ACPHS program for their fourth year. Students may also apply to ACPHS after they complete four years at SMC. Interested students should contact the program advisor, Dr. Shane Lamos

Vermont Law School

Saint Michael’s College has a formal agreement with Vermont Law School that guarantees admission into Vermont Law School’s JD, MELP, or Joint JD/MELP degree programs to Saint Michael’s College students who successfully complete Saint Michael’s requirements for the bachelor’s degree (BA or BS) and who also meet specific entrance criteria.  Interested students should contact the Pre-Law Advisor, Dr. Traci Griffith, or the Career Education Center for details.

Post-Baccalaureate Programs in Business & Accounting 

To provide post-graduate opportunities for students in both Business Administration and Accounting, the Department has developed a number of agreements with colleges and universities (e.g., Clarkson, Syracuse, Northeastern, Boston College) that will allow facilitated admission for our alumni into MBA and MSA programs. Contact the Business & Accounting Department for details.