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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]


Students typically arrange their class schedules during semesterly registration periods (normally in November for the following spring, and again in April for the following fall) after consultation with their advisors. Students who have registration holds on their account are only permitted to register once those holds have been cleared. Holds may be placed on students accounts for a wide variety of reasons, including an outstanding balance, failure to submit immunization paperwork, failure to meet with the advisor prior to registration, failure to provide SMC with emergency contact information, and more. Communications about registration holds are sent to students’ SMC email accounts in advance of registration.

Changes to Course Registration

Students may, without charge or penalty, request a change of course or section up to and including the seventh class day in any given fall or spring semester. The end of the seventh instructional day of the fall or spring term is known as the Drop/Add Deadline. The Drop/Add Deadline is adjusted as appropriate for summer and winter term courses given the duration and meeting pattern of a given course. During the Drop/Add Period, students are expected to drop/add courses themselves through the KnightVision system.

Students may withdraw from a course through the tenth week of the fall or spring semester, and a final grade of “WD” will appear on the record. The course withdrawal deadline is adjusted as appropriate for summer and winter term courses, typically occurring 2/3 of the way through the course. The student is responsible for notifying the instructor(s) involved when a course or section change is made, and for filing the Course Withdrawal Request Form with the Registrar’s Office. Leaving a course after the withdrawal deadline or failure to file the required form with the Registrar’s Office will result in a final grade of “F” in the course.

Full-Time & Part-Time Student Status

A student who takes 12 to 18 credits is considered to be a full-time student. The successful completion of an average of 16 credits per semester for eight semesters will fulfill the credit requirements for graduation. A student who enrolls in fewer than 12 credits is considered to be part-time.

Course Overloads

Except in their first year, any student with a cumulative grade point average of 3.6 or higher may be permitted to enroll in a fifth course, typically resulting in a total of 20 credits for the semester. The student must submit a Permission for 5th Course Request Form with the Office of the Associate Dean of the College. The student is charged a $600 overload tuition fee. The fifth course may only be added during the Drop/Add Period. The overload fee will be waived for overload credits in music ensemble courses. 

Non-Degree Students

Students who have not been admitted into a degree program at Saint Michael’s may be permitted to enroll in courses with space available after degree students have registered. Enrollment as a non-degree student is generally limited to a cumulative total of 12 undergraduate credits. To continue beyond 12 credits, the student must be formally admitted to the College through the usual application procedures of the Admission Office.