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2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Admission of Students

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Saint Michael’s College’s admission standards are competitive. Each application is reviewed closely according to the criteria outlined below in order of importance.

Overall high school record and strength of college preparatory curriculum (including the senior year of high school). Students should challenge themselves with the highest level of the coursework suitable to their abilities. The number of honors level, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate courses in a student’s background and relative to high school offerings are considered in the decision-making process. Applicants should have at least sixteen Carnegie Units of college preparatory course work in high school including some combination of the following (in order of importance).

Four years of English;
  While courses like speech and other English electives are interesting, students are recommended to take those in addition to (not as replacements for) English courses with a strong emphasis on writing and the reading of literature.
Two to three years of the same foreign language;
  A minimum of two are required, but it is highly recommended that applicants pursue as many years of language as possible.
Three to four years of theoretical mathematics;
Three to four years of science, including at least two lab sciences;
Three to four years of history and social sciences.
High school rank in class or relative standing in the class as indicated by quartile, quintile or decile is also considered in conjunction with the quality of the curriculum attempted and the overall strength of the high school.   For students who choose not to submit standardized test scores (see below) the high school record will be the most important factor considered.

Saint Michael’s College has a “standardized test-optional” admission policy. Applicants have the following options:
Submit official scores from either the SAT with Essay or the ACT with Writing. Students will be given the benefit of the best combination of sub scores from all test dates. Students submitting SAT scores should submit them from the test version implemented by College Board in March 2016.  If the applicant opts to have the scores considered they must be submitted from the testing agency.  If the official scores are not submitted when the student has asked us to consider them, the application will be considered to be incomplete.

Students may select “test optional” on the application itself. Your candidacy will also be evaluated on the basis of all writing samples including your Personal Essay and your answer to why you are “a good fit” for Saint Michael’s College as well as your high school transcript and letters of recommendation. Course selection, including level of challenge and overall course selection throughout high school will be of primary importance in the evaluation process.

SAT subject tests are not required, but applicants may wish to submit scores from foreign language exams in order to satisfy the College’s language proficiency requirement.  Applicants who wish to apply under the test optional provision may submit their SAT subject or AP language test scores post admission.
Application essay (required) and any submitted writing samples (optional).
Letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors.
The applicant’s record of extra-curricular interests, activities, and talents.

Saint Michael’s students tend to be active, engaged members of our residential college community bringing to the campus a commitment to work hard academically and to contribute to the life of the College. When an application is reviewed by the admission committee, several factors are taken into consideration. As noted above, the student’s high school record is treated as the most important factor in the decision process. Each applicant’s achievement in a well-rounded, rigorous program taken throughout high school is considered. Students who have challenged themselves by selecting honors or AP level courses or taking extra years of a foreign language, for instance, will be strong applicants, provided they are making successful progress. Accepted students generally rank in the top 25 percent of their high school class.

Students who earn college credit from another institution while attending high school should submit their official college transcript(s) and those credits will be considered for transfer eligibility. Credit may be transferred for work completed at accredited colleges with a grade of C- or better, provided that the courses correspond to offerings at Saint Michael’s.

For students who elect to submit test scores, both the test scores (either SAT or ACT with Writing) and how the scores relate to the student progress in class work are considered.  The middle 50 percent of accepted students last year scored between 1150-1310 on the combined new score of EBRW and Math, and the average ACT composite was 25. Saint Michael’s considers the highest section scores across all SAT test dates.  For more information on the SAT, consult the College Board Web site at collegeboard.com. For more information on the ACT, consult the ACT website at ACT.org. The Saint Michael’s codes are 3757 for the SAT and 4312 for the ACT.

Teacher and counselor recommendations are often helpful in understanding how well a student has handled the various aspects of high school work, from class participation to reading and writing assignments. Applicants should provide 1-2 recommendations from current or recent teachers or their guidance counselor. Additional recommendations from coaches, employers and other people who know applicants well are also considered, but should not replace those from high school teachers. In addition, each applicant’s essay will be carefully considered as a required part of the application. Additional graded work will be added to applicant’s files.

A student’s extracurricular resume is another factor in the admission process. Saint Michael’s seeks to enroll students who will be active contributors to the campus community and therefore seeks to admit applicants who show strong qualities in leadership, character, and involvement in activities such as volunteer programs. An interest in an unusual hobby, performance in high school theater productions or a part-time job to help with school expenses are also considered.

The Office of Admission will confirm all students’ transcripts that arrive from a high school with a CEEB code as well as the high school seal and/or signature and/or is submitted online through an official, secure web site.  If a transcript is from a high school that lacks a CEEB code or seal/signature, the admission office will investigate to confirm the school is recognized by the appropriate state department of education or home school association.  The office of admission may request a copy of the student’s diploma at any point in the admission process to verification process.  If a diploma is determined invalid a GED or ETS HiSET may be required for admission consideration.

Note: Saint Michael’s College supports the efforts of secondary school officials and governing bodies to have their schools achieve regional accredited status to provide reliable assurance of the quality of the educational preparation of its applicants for admission.

Home-Schooled Applicants

  Home-School Requirements
  Students who have been home-schooled must submit the following:
    Transcript of high school course work;
    Annual testing information as required by the state in which the applicant resides;
    SAT or ACT with Writing - while we have adopted a test optional admission policy, we strongly urge home-schooled applicants to submit standardized test scores for consideration;
    Transcript of any college-level course work;
    It is recommended that home-schooled students submit syllabi and reading lists for each year of high school.

Home-schooled students should have completed the necessary high school graduation requirements; standardized test scores are often more heavily relied upon when the application is reviewed.

As always, if an applicant submits copies of academic work or curriculum, it will be taken into consideration. Home-schooled students often submit a detailed extracurricular resume that further adds dimensions to their personality and character. Applicants who have taken the initiative to be active in their local community in varying capacities are urged to detail that involvement.

Transfer Admission

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Students seeking to transfer to Saint Michael’s College must be in good standing, academically and otherwise, at the institution they have previously attended. Credit may be transferred for work completed at accredited colleges with a grade of C- or better, provided that the courses correspond to offerings at Saint Michael’s. Credits are considered for transfer only if an official transcript of such credits is submitted by the applicant prior to admission. A transfer student may be required to pass an examination to determine his/her readiness to enter a course or program. No advanced standing is officially recorded by the registrar until the transferred student has successfully completed one full year at Saint Michael’s College. The remaining requirements to be fulfilled by transfer students to qualify for graduation from Saint Michael’s will be determined on an individual basis.

All students who transfer must be in residence at least two years preceding their graduation. They must earn a minimum of 64 credits, including at least 18 credits in their major, at Saint Michael’s College. As a student approaches graduation, 24 of the final 32 credits must be taken at Saint Michael’s College. The transfer application deadline for the fall semester is March 15 (or later on a space available basis.) Applications for the spring semester are considered on a space available basis and should be submitted by November 1.

Deferred Admission

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Students who have been accepted for admission to Saint Michael’s may request that their enrollment be postponed for up to one year. A $500 non-refundable registration deposit is required to reserve their place at the College. A letter of intent to enroll must be received by the Director of Admission by November 1 for the spring semester or May 1 for the fall semester. Students who defer their enrollment beyond one year forfeit their registration deposit and must formally reapply for admission.

International Student Information

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International students may apply for direct or conditional admission to the undergraduate degree program.  All students, regardless of their citizenship, are eligible for merit scholarships.  Students who have attended university outside the United States may be eligible to transfer academic credit from their previous university.

Non-native speakers of English whose TOEFL/IELTS score is below 79/6.5 will be considered for conditional admission and enrollment in our Pathway Program.  This is a credit-bearing program that allows students to study academic English and academic content courses simultaneously.  Many pathway students receive their Bachelor’s degree in the same amount of time as non-pathway students because academic English courses are fully credit-bearing.

In addition to the application for undergraduate studies, international students must provide the following:  English-language test results, a copy of the passport photo page, and financial certification demonstrating the ability to pay for one year of study. Students applying for conditional admission are not required to submit a letter of recommendation or a personal statement.

For more information about international admission and enrollment, contact ApplySMC@smcvt.edu.

Interested in Admission?

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The next step is to complete and submit the online Common Application or Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success Application, available at www.commonapp.org, and www.mycoalition.org respectively, along with the application fee of $50. The application fee will be waived for students who visit campus before applying. Upon receiving these we will begin to process the application. The Early Action I deadline is November 1, while the Early Action II deadline is December 1. The deadline for regular notification of the admission decision for the fall semester is February 1. Applications submitted after that date will be considered on a space available basis. The transfer deadline is April 1st (or later on a space available basis).

Applicants should have high school transcripts and, if you wish test scores to be considered, SAT with Essay or ACT with writing scores forwarded to this office at the address below. When an application is received an acknowledgment is sent by email. Students may also check the status of their application on our web site at www.smcvt.edu/admissions/check-status.aspx. If that acknowledgment is not received in a reasonable amount of time, applicants should contact the Office of Admission by phone or email.

Each application for admission is reviewed by an admission committee.

A limited number of spaces may be available at the beginning of the spring semester. Applications for the spring semester should be submitted by November 1.

Saint Michael’s subscribes to the Candidate’s Reply Date Agreement, allowing applicants until May 1 to make their decision about attending. For an additional application or information, please write, call, or contact us through our Web site:

Director of Admission
Saint Michael’s College
One Winooski Park
Colchester, Vermont 05439
800-SMC-8000; FAX: 802.654.2906
Main Number: 802.654.3000
International Calls: +1.802.654.2810

E-Mail: admission@smcvt.edu

For those who plan to visit the campus, the Office of Admission is located in the Hoehl Welcome Center. The hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and many Saturday programs are offered throughout the year. Please check our Web site for the most up-to-date visitor information or call during office hours to make an appointment.