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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Voluntary Withdrawal & Medical Withdrawal from the College

Voluntary Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from Saint Michael’s College temporarily or permanently. If the withdrawal occurs early in the semester, there may be a partial refund of tuition and fees. (Consult Student Financial Services’ refund policy for additional information). Under usual circumstances, a withdrawal form should be obtained from and returned to the Office of Associate Dean of the College. The Office of the Associate Dean files the form with the Registrar’s Office.

Students who withdraw from the College while enrolled in classes, but prior to the course withdrawal deadline for the courses and/or term, will receive grades of WD in their enrolled courses. Students who withdraw from the College after the course withdrawal deadline will receive regular final letter grades in their courses, which may include several or all failing grades. This is the case for both unofficial withdrawals (in which a student leaves the College without notice) and official withdrawals (in which notice is provided) that occur after the course withdrawal deadline. The Associate Dean of the College may consider exceptions to this policy in cases of non-medical emergencies or personal tragedies between the course withdrawal deadline and the end of the term. NOTE: Students who leave the College for medical and/or psychological conditions after the course withdrawal deadline may fall under the Medical Withdrawal Policy outlined in this catalog.

The student’s official withdrawal date is typically the date the student provides the Office of the Associate Dean official notification of their intent to withdraw from the College. The student’s last date of attendance or participation in an academic activity may also be used to determine the official withdrawal date. Final determination of the student’s official withdrawal date is made by the Registrar’s Office in consultation with the Office of the Associate Dean of the College.

Returning to the College

Students who wish to return to Saint Michael’s College after a voluntary withdrawal should notify the Office of the Registrar by December 1 for the spring semester, April 1 for the summer term, and by August 1 for the fall semester. Readmission of voluntarily withdrawn students will be on a space-available basis.

Medical Withdrawal

Policy Statement

Saint Michael’s College is strongly committed to supporting students achieving success in their intellectual and extracurricular endeavors. When illness or significant personal hardship intrudes upon a student’s ability to successfully meet the requirements of their course of study, it is the College’s policy to assist with the student’s withdrawal from the College for the purpose of focusing on those matters requiring attention. Prior to re-matriculation, it is the College’s intent to provide students with information about resources which may be of use to them as they resume their studies, and to provide support where possible in order to optimize the likelihood of a successful return to campus life.

Reason for the Policy

It is the goal of the College to foster an environment in which each student is able to fully pursue their academic goals. When illness prevents a student from achieving these goals, it is the intent of the College to provide a mechanism whereby the student may withdraw from their studies and return to them when able. In unusual circumstances, illness may cause a student to pose a threat to others of significantly disrupt the life of the community. In such circumstances, the College may find it necessary to involuntarily withdraw a student from the College.

Strategic Direction

This policy supports the following goal in the College’s Strategic Plan:

Student Experiences: Provide a distinctive college experience that prepares students for success as accountable leaders in the 21st century.

Applicability of the Policy

This policy applies to all undergraduate and graduate students, whether they are matriculated or non-degree students at Saint Michael’s College. This policy is in effect for the entirety of the academic year, including during fall and spring semesters and winter intersession and summer terms.  


  1. Students who seek to withdraw from the College because of illness must meet with or submit a written request to the Director of Counseling at Bergeron Wellness (Kathy Butts). If the Director of Counseling is unavailable, the student may meet with the Director of Health Services (Anna Leavey), or the VP of Student Affairs (Dawn Ellinwood). As necessary, the VP or their designee will confer with appropriate campus medical or psychological professionals in order make the final determination regarding the student’s request. In unusual or complicated situations, the VP or designee may convene a committee composed of representatives from Students Health Services and/or the Office of Personal Counseling.
  2. Students may initiate the medical withdrawal process up through the last day of classes for the given term. Medical withdrawals initiated after the final day of classes for the term will not apply retroactively – they will only apply to the subsequent term.
  3. Students who are granted a withdrawal because of illness will receive grades of ‘WD’ for all courses attempted and not yet completed during that term.
  4. Students granted a medical withdrawal will have a hold placed upon their registration by the VP’s office pending successful petition for re-enrollment to the College.
  5. Students granted a medical withdrawal will be dropped from all coursework for which they are registered in subsequent terms.
  6. Graduate and undergraduate students granted a medical withdrawal should address the impact of withdrawal on the continuation of scholarship, research, graduate assistantship or other forms of educational support with the appropriate program administrator in their academic department. Any adjustment to the student’s tuition will be made in accordance with standing college policy.

Students who wish to appeal the outcome of their request for medical withdrawal may do so by submitting their appeal in writing to Dawn Ellinwood, VP of Student Affairs.

It is the College’s intention to support students in a successful return to the College community when illness has necessitated withdrawal. To this end:

  1. Students will be informed that the College expects the leave to be of sufficient duration to allow the student to address the issues involved in necessitating a medical leave. In most cases, student who medically withdraw are away from the College for at least one full fall or spring semester after the medical withdrawal in order to enhance the likelihood of success upon return.
  2. Students wishing to return to their studies following medical withdrawal must complete the following steps:
  3. Notify the Director of Counseling at Bergeron Wellness Center (Kathy Butts) of their desire to return to the College.
    • Submit documentation from their treating clinician to the Medical Withdrawal Committee (in the care of Bergeron Wellness Center, Box 259 One Winooski Park, Colchester, VT 05439) attesting to the student’s ability to resume studies with a reasonable likelihood of success. This information must be specific in its description of the student’s illness and the treatment rendered. It must outline, as appropriate, a plan of treatment to be followed upon return. All documentation will be held in strict confidence by the College; it will be maintained in the student’s health record. Upon request, the student will authorize the Medical Leave Committee to secure any additional information necessary to assess the student’s readiness for readmission.
    • Submit documentation by the following dates: August 1st for the fall semester, December 1st for the spring semester, and April 1st for the summer term.
  4. The Medical Withdrawal Committee will consult with appropriate resources in considering the student’s request.
  5. When the Medical Withdrawal Committee has concerns about the likelihood of the student’s success, the committee’s designee will communicate this to the student and, with the student’s permission, to the treating clinician.
  6. Students are expected to meet with Kathy Butts, Director of Counseling at Bergeron Wellness Center within two weeks of the first day of classes for the purpose of assessing their experience thus far and reviewing support resources available for them. An appointment can be made by calling 802.654.2234. A plan shall be outlined by the student and the Director determining plan of care and resources for the student.

Involuntary Withdrawal

  1. The College may involuntarily require a student to withdraw from classes or require conditions for continued attendance when, as a result of a medical or psychological condition, one of the following transpires:
    • The student threatens the safety of others.
    • The student causes or threatens to cause significant property damage.
    • The student significantly disrupts the activities of the College.
    • The student demonstrates evidence of significant impairment and is unable to make an independent determination that a voluntary withdrawal is needed.
  2. When a student exhibits any of the behaviors described above, they may be brought to the attention of the Vice President of Student Affairs. The VP or designee, in consultation with appropriate medical, psychological, or academic resources, may involuntarily withdraw a student from their classes or place conditions on the student’s continued education.
  3. Under certain circumstances involving the safety of the College community, the Office of the Vice President may mandate that the student undergo a psychological or medical assessment to assist in evaluating the student’s ability to participate successfully in college life.
  4. The results of the requested inquiry will be shared in written form with student.
  5. If a student is involuntarily withdrawn from classes, the VP of Student Affairs, in consultation with appropriate campus resources and the committee, will make a determination regarding the length of separation from the College and describe the conditions under which the student may seek to return. A hold will be places on the student’s registration until the student has been granted readmission.
  6. A student may appeal the results of the College’s decision to involuntary withdraw him or her from classes to the Vice President of Student Affairs and the director of Counseling at Bergeron Wellness Center. These individuals will review all available information and render a final determination. This result will be shared with the student.
  7. Students involuntarily withdrawn from classes will receive grades of ‘WD’ for all courses attempted during that semester.
  8. Students seeking readmission to the College following involuntary withdrawal must follow the same procedure outlined for students returning following voluntary withdrawal.
  9. All records concerning involuntary withdrawal will be kept separately from the student’s academic record in accordance with the College’s policy on the confidentiality of student records.

Concerns Regarding Discrimination

Any student who believes they have been discriminated against under the policy because of their medical condition should discuss their concerns with the representative for Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity and may file a complaint with the Office of Human Resources.


Questions related to the daily operational interpretation should be directed to:

Vice President for Student Affairs

Dawn Ellinwood

(802) 654-2566

Director of Counseling, Bergeron Wellness Center

Kathy Butts

(802) 654-2234