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    Saint Michael's College
  Feb 25, 2018
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Environmental Studies Major

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Environmental Studies Major (11 courses):


  • ES 105 - Nature and Culture Full course
  • ES 106 - Environment and Society Full course
  • ES 107 - Environmental Science Full course
  • ES 201 - Environmental Research Methods Full course
  • ES 410 - Senior Seminar Full course
  • One Elective from any of the three tracks
  • Environmental Studies Practicum (Totaling One Full Course)* 
    1. GIS (half course)
    2. ES 499 Internships (half or full course) 
    3. ES Approved Study Abroad Fieldtrips (half or full course)
    4. ES ePortfolio (half course) 

    *ES practicum only apply to incoming 2014-2015 students

  • Choose one of three tracks:
    1. Environmental Science and Policy (4 courses)
    2. Environmental Justice and Sustainability (4 courses)
    3. Environmental Imagination (4 courses)  

     *GIS, Internships, Study Abroad and ePortfolio requirements only apply to incoming 2014-15 students

Track 1: Environmental Science and Policy

Track Requirements (4 courses):

  • PO 327 - Environmental Policy Full course
  • Two science courses within a theme (see below)
  • An additional science or policy course from the Environmental Science and Policy or Environmental Justice and Sustainability Tracks

Track 2: The Environmental Imagination

Required Courses (2):

EN 110: Students should take a designated environmentally-themed section. Appropriate sections currently include “Imagining Nature, “Nature Reading and Writing,” and “Vermont Writers.”

At least one course focusing on artistic expression and the natural environment.  Current courses include AR 332 (“Eco and Environmental Art”), BU 117 (“Wilderness Photography”), MJD 219 (“Introduction to Adventure Filmmaking”), MJD 303 (“Nature and Outdoor Writing”), and designated English Writing Workshops including EN 329 (“Creative Non-Fiction Writing Workshop: Writing about Place”).

Concentration Courses (2):

Track 3: Environmental Justice and Sustainability

Required Courses (2):

Concentration Courses (2):

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