May 31, 2020  
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Reading Concentration (M.Ed.)

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Reading Concentration Information

The goal of the Reading concentration is to prepare classroom teachers to be more effective teachers of reading and language arts. Courses in reading methodology and diagnosis, as well as clinical experiences, provide the framework that allows the graduate student to develop competence as a reading teacher and reading specialist.

The program rests on an eclectic theoretical base, and presents a balanced and comprehensive view of literacy development, instruction, and assessment.  The program is research-based and in line with state standards.

M.Ed. Reading Required Courses

Other M.Ed. Reading Courses

Students must select twenty-one credits in reading/ literacy from among the following and other graduate course offerings.  It is required that students select courses in consultation with their academic advisor.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they have taken the required number of credits from each of these categories.

Reading Foundations and Methods

Student must select at least 6 credits from among these choices.

Reading Assessment

Students must take the following:

Children’s Literature

Students must select at least 3 credits from these two choices.

Literacy Electives

Students must take 6-9 additional credits in reading/literacy courses.  These electives may come from any of the above mentioned categories, or from those listed below.  Other literacy electives may be substituted with advisor’s approval.  Students pursuing the Reading Specialist endorsement will select 6 credits in literacy electives and GED 688D.

General Electives

Students must take 9 additional credits in general electives (i.e., any course from the Graduate Education Catalogue) or, if desired, additional reading/literacy courses.  Students are strongly encouraged to take a leadership course and/or GED 510 Becoming A Literacy Leader, especially if they are pursuing the Reading Specialist endorsement.  Licensure students typically apply 9 credits from their licensure program to this fulfill this requirement.  These courses can count as either General Elective or Literacy Elective.


The practicum is required for all students pursuing Reading Specialist endorsement.  Students may only register for the practicum after completing 3 years of teaching experience and successfully completing the 18 required credits in reading/literacy with a “B” or better.  Students not taking the practicum must register for an additional course in reading/ literacy and they will not be eligible for the Reading/English Language Arts Specialist Endorsement.

Beginning in the fall of 2010, students must successfully pass the Reading Specialist Praxis before registering for the Reading Specialist Practicum.   Additionally, to ensure a spot in the practicum, students must notify their advisor of their intentions to register for the practicum by October 31st for a spring practicum, and February 28th for a fall practicum. 

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