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    Saint Michael's College
  Dec 17, 2017
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Geography Program

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Director: Professor Richard Kujawa

Geography involves the description and explanation of the variable character of the earth’s surface. It crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries, emphasizing the study of the spatial organization of human activities; the complexities of environmental systems and human environment relations; and the creation and re-creation of places. Geographers examine these processes at a variety of spatial scales from local to global. The discipline offers one of the central analytical viewpoints on the processes of globalization. A minor in Human Geography is offered.

Courses which focus on systematic human geography include a survey class at the introductory level as well as more specialized intermediate and upper level courses.  An introductory class in physical geography is also offered. Intermediate level classes are offered in many human geography subfields (urban, economic and political geography).  Several intermediate and upper level classes are offered in more applied fields (geography of water, environmental policy, and community and environmental planning). Comlementary courses such as Environmental Hazards and Geographic Information Systems are available through the Environmental Studies Program.  Many courses fulfill elective requirements in other major and minor concentrations. Geography courses are designed to broaden the social and cultural horizons of students and enhance their knowledge of earth systems.

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