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2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog 
2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]


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Chair: Associate Professor Mary Beth Doyle 
Professor: Aostre Johnson
Associate Professors: Timothy Whiteford, Valerie Bang-Jensen, Laima Ruoff 
Assistant Professors: James Nagle, Claudine Bedell, Jonathan Silverman, Kristin Gehsmann
Instructors: Anne Judson, Becky Wigglesworth, Beth Peterson, Amy Saks-Pavese

The department oversees three undergraduate programs: elementary education licensure, elementary education major, and secondary education licensure. Students who successfully complete one of these programs are granted licensure by the State of Vermont. This license is accepted in many other states having reciprocal agreements with the State of Vermont.

In order to be eligible for either elementary (K-6) or secondary (7-12) licensure as a teacher, a student must complete a major in one of the liberal arts or sciences at Saint Michael’s College. Teacher education courses will be taken simultaneously with courses in the liberal arts and sciences. Usually, a student will be able to complete the major and teacher licensure requirements in a four-year span. Students who wish to be licensed at the secondary level may do so in one of the following academic areas: biology, chemistry, English, French, Latin, mathematics, social studies, Spanish, and theater arts (drama). The art licensure program can be for grades PK-12.

All programs are characterized by courses that demand a high degree of commitment on the student’s part. This commitment is to the education programs at Saint Michael’s College, to learning, and to children and adolescents. Elementary Education majors are required to have an overall 3.0 average, a 2.7 average in their liberal arts major, and a 3.0 average in required education courses. Secondary Education majors are required to have an overall 3.0 average, a 3.0 in their liberal arts major,  and a 3.0 average in required education courses before student teaching and at graduation. In addition, all students must pass Praxis I and Praxis II before student teaching. Other licensure requirements, such as the licensure portfolio, are articulated in the Saint Michael’s College Guide to Teacher Education Programs. Students must consult the guide when planning their program.

According to Federal Title II mandates, Saint Michael’s College must publish the percentage of those students who are recommended for licensure. To be recommended for licensure, students must successfully complete our programs by meeting all GPA, course, portfolio, and testing requirements. Based on those criteria, we have recommended 100 percent of our program completers for licensure.

Students may take advantage of study abroad opportunities to satisfy some education elective requirements. Consult the Study Abroad Office and the Guide to Teacher Education Programs for more information.

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