Jun 25, 2022  
2009-2010 Graduate Catalog 
2009-2010 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

GED 673 - Special Topics: Sculpture, Creating 3 Dimensional Shapes and Forms for Educators

In this course, we will use a variety of traditional and non-traditional mediums to explore 3-dimensional space.  There will be four sculpture projects assigned (clay, wire, plaster, and found objects) prefaced with demonstrations on the use of materials and technique. With each project, students will experiment with design elements of scale, proportion, negative/positive space, balance, symmetry/asymmetry, unity/variety and repetition.  Gallery visits and slide lectures will enrich our examination of different shapes and forms.  Students will create lessons to connect their 3-dimensional exploration to their educational settings. This course is open to classroom and art teachers with or without prior experience.

Credits: 3 cr.