Dec 05, 2020  
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

GED 699 - Capstone Seminar in Graduate Education

This course supports students as they complete the M.Ed. program. Students research a topic in their field of interest in GED 558 and then complete data analysis and both a paper and presentation demonstrating their in-depth understanding of this topic. Research skills, critique and reflection, and expressive presentations are included.

Note: GED 558 and GED 699 are required for the Master’s in Education.
Students develop a research proposal in GED 558, collect the data the following semester, and then write and present findings in in GED 699. GED 699 should be your last course in the program. It is necessary to leave at least one semester between GED 558 and GED 699. The reasons are two-fold: 1) if taken back to back, most often GED 558 will not have ended before GED 699 begins, thus, the research proposal would not be ready for the first Capstone class, and 2) this provides more time for data collection.

The Educator as Researcher instructor approves the research proposal (Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology) if the proposal is ready. In addition, students must submit the online Institutional Review Board (IRB) application to the IRB coordinator during GED 558 and be accepted before collecting data and enrolling in GED 699: Capstone.

Prerequisite: GED 558 Educator as Researcher, an accepted research proposal, and approved IRB application.

Credits: 3 cr.