Jul 04, 2020  
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

GED 502 - Media Literacy: Remote Control or Self-Control: Media Literacy for Healthy Minds and Bodies

To become successful students, responsible citizens, productive workers and competent, conscientious consumers, we need to develop a critical perspective on the increasingly sophisticated and pervasive information and entertainment media that directly affects the way we think, feel and behave.  Media literacy refers to the critical thinking, viewing and production skills required of citizens living in the visual, multimedia culture of advertising, information overload and spin.  This course takes an in-depth look at how media impacts individuals, our culture, and important issues such as public health, politics, democracy and the environment. K-12 teachers will discover a wealth of motivating, fun and provocative knowledge and activities to bring back to their classrooms!

Credits: 3 cr.